What are Vertical Insoles made out of?

Our insoles are made of a high quality rubberized material that are stiff enough to resist the abrasive forces of new shoes, while also being soft enough to cushion and cradle the heel.

Do Vertical Insoles need to rise over the top of my shoe heel counter to work?

Yes, it is best if they do. Although they will still provide a measure of heel protection from just below the top of your shoe's heel counter topline.

Can you wear Vertical Insoles under the insole that comes with your shoe?

While this isn't at the top of the list of most asked questions, it has come up often enough to make it onto the FAQ page. Most customers use Vertical Insoles seated above the insole that comes with your footwear. That way the vertical portion of the our insole comes up as high as it can. It is still possible, however, to wear Vertical Insoles underneath the market insole that comes with your shoes. This will prevent our insoles from sliding forward while putting on your shoes and reduce their verticality without trimming them.

Can you order Vertical Insoles on Amazon?

Yes, they're listed as a an Amazon Prime product.

Where are these insoles made?

All of our insoles are made in America.