Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles


Nestled among the glass highrises of midtown Manhattan, thousands of professionals hustle to climb the rungs of the ladder of corporate America. Alex is one of those professionals. His chosen footwear: mahogany-stained leather Johnston & Murphy penny loafers. Alex is the type of person that likes things simple and of a high quality. His last pair lasted a couple years while alternating between a pair of black Allen-Edmonds oxford dress shoes. He ordered his new $175 pair in the same size and color. But unlike his last pair, the new ones needed to be broken in—a painful process for the back of his heel. Thicker socks would just take up too much volume inside his shoes making the fit too tight without providing relief. A couple weeks use of the Achilles Heel was enough to protect his feet during the break-in process. "I'm not a fan of neckties, but I like dressy shoes. They're classy. Vertical Insoles let me break them in without those annoying cuts on the back of my feet. Once my new shoes are broken-in, I just take out the vertical insoles."


Honors student and socialite, Luisa has many places to be. She balances time with family, friends, and books while always dressed to impress. “My pair of Achilles Shield heel inserts let me wear my favorite shoes much more comfortably.”


When he isn't riding his custom matte black hybrid road bike around the city, he is suited up in a 40 Long and pounding the pavement showing apartments to his clients. Sal has perfected the very Manhattanite balance of always being appropriately dressed whether he's showing real estate or DJing at elite venues on the weekends. He describes his slick loafers and Oxford shoes as the most important part of his wardrobe, and he's no stranger to formal dress expectations as an Ivy League MBA with years of experience in finance. The Achilles Shield vertical insole protects Sal's heels from the hard leather of his shiny new shoes. That way his professional footwear doesn't injure his feet and lower his performance on the basketball courts or while cycling.
"Wish I found Vertical Insoles earlier, when I had to wear dress shoes all day everyday."


Soft-spoken and mild-mannered Al, now Dr. Gupta, is navigating the transition from longtime student to independent medical professional. Less comfortable garb is part of that, "After years wearing comfortable sneakers in med school and residency, I now have to wear real shoes. Medicine is still a pretty conservative field. If it weren't for Vertical Insoles, my feet would be a painful mess by the end of the day." Even after his new dress shoes were no longer rigid, and nicely contoured to his feet, Al has kept his pair of vertical insoles in, "it feels weird without them now, less comfortable and stable."